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Fielding TeeBaseball Player University was established in 2004 to develop the complete baseball athlete. We believe baseball is “America’s Game” and desire to keep it alive and growing by utilizing state-of-the-art technology along with traditional hard work. Our goal is to take players through all phases of advancement for maximizing individual and team development using the extensive drills and tools offered through BPU.

BPU TV Host and Co Founder Jeff Forney

Jeff Forney - Host of BPUTVJeff will be your host and guide to Baseball Player University while sharing his knowledge of hitting, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. Jeff’s commitment to baseball excellence and the desire to see the game prosper and grow resulted in his development of BPU. The idea to bring an innovative baseball instructional television show to life was conceptualized on a napkin at a local restaurant in Arizona. Former major league and college coach, Jeff Forney and production guru, Jason Heinkel, more….


Quality Professional Instruction

Quality Professional InstructionAt Baseball Player University we strive for excellence. Our team is continually trying to improve in order to provide you with a comprehensive baseball training resource. You will learn from recognized leaders and experts in the baseball industry. Join the BPU community and gain an education so that you can take your game to the next level. Dream big, work hard, play on!

BPU’s Instructional Goal Is To Help You

Develop - Prepare - SucceedThe show emphasis is on skill development to enhance your game. Our focus will be on providing you with a plan to achieve your baseball development goals. Our goal is to help you achieve success on and off the field. check us out

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